Think global drink local!

Tyrol Tonic is the first tonic water produced in South Tyrol.

Our Tyrol Drinks are unique products because they are made from the pure spring water at the foot of Castle Tyrol and thus have an unmistakable note.

Think global drink local!

Tyrol Tonic

Elegant sweetness and subtle bitter notes characterize our Tyrol Tonic, which goes perfectly with floral gins.

Perfect for mixing a G&T with that special twist or simply with a few slices of lemon as a thirst quencher on a hot summer day.

... elegant sweetness & subtle bitter notes

... elegant sweetness &
subtle bitter notes

New! 2 new drinks

Soon you will find our two new flavors on the shelves.

Unique and rich flavors - all made in South Tyrol. Perfect for mixing various cocktails and soft drinks.

... italian lemon

... italian

Tyrol Lemon

Our Tyrol Lemon is made from the best Italian lemons and natural ingredients, giving it its distinctive flavor.

In this way we created a unique balance between sweetness, acidity, and bitterness from a combination of the natural lemon extract and the bitter ingredient Quassia. From combining it with a gin with strong juniper notes to mixing it with a premium vodka or even just splashed with some soda water, Tyrol Lemon is a delightful companion in any situation.

... strong & spicy

... strong &

Tyrol Ginger

Strong, spicy and a full load of ginger, that's Tyrol Ginger.

All over the world, people appreciate the distinctive spicy taste of "Ginger Beer", whether straight or as part of long drinks like the Moscow Mule with vodka or rum. This ginger lemonade is entirely produced in South Tyrol at the foot of Castle Tyrol, modeled on the English ginger beer, is a special kind of sensory refreshment.